Bookmarking made easy!

Start using your Google Bookmarks again

Although most of us use Google services daily, few have even heard of Google Bookmarks. This free online bookmarking service is a barebones bookmarking option that works similar to Delicious. You can actually import your Delicious bookmarks into it, and can even search your Google history for sites you visit frequently to add to your bookmarks. Then, organize bookmarks into lists to make them easy to find.

Now all this is available in the easy to use chrome extension enabling you to see your organized list of bookmarks once you've signed into your Google Account

BMarks is the most convenient Google Chrome Extension for Google Bookmarks, no need to sync bookmarks to multiple machines. + This service is fast, free, and requires no signup.

Simple Interface

Easily navigate through your bookmarks

Google Account Activated

If your logged into your Google Account then your ready to start using BMarks

Works on any Google Chrome Browser

Simply install the extension and away you go!

Ability to show Favicon Images

By default favourite Icon's are displayed next to your bookmark.

Future Enhancements

Wil include being able to use just images, and skin how you like.

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